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Commercial Insurance, On the Exchange (MarketPlace) & Off the Exchange

Exchange-Another term for the Health Insurance Marketplace®, a service available in every state that helps individuals, families, and small businesses shop for and enroll in affordable medical insurance.  When you fill out a Marketplace application you may qualify to save money when you enroll in a medical plan.  These plans are required to provide essential health benefits and follow more guidelines as set by the Affordable Care Act (ACA)  

Off-Exchange- Health insurance that is sold off the marketplace directly through a carrier or a broker.  Off-exchange refers to plans that are ACA-compliant and sold outside the exchange.  There are other insurances such as short-term medical that are not ACA-compliant, nor do they fall under the enrollment periods of Marketplace Plans.

Short-Term Medical Plans, Hospital Indemnity, Dental, Vision, Accidental, Critical Illness

Short Term Plans are designed as health coverage for a limited time when longer term insurance isn't available for you. 

Depending on the policy you choose, you may receive reimbursement for generic and brand prescriptions and a home health benefit that pays more than your health insurance!

There are many benefits to these plans:

You can apply any day of the year

Choose your plan length and the coverage you need

Prescriptions Drug Coverage and much more

Hospital Indemnity Plans

These plans cover your entire in-patient hospital stay for a low monthly premium, usually under $20/month.  Most Medicare hospital copays are hundreds per day, depending on your plan.  Your co-payments may be more than a month's worth of income.  You may add an ambulance rider and/or a skilled nursing benefit rider for only a couple of dollars more.

Critical Illness Plans

These plans cover:

·    Hospital Confinement Benefit

·    Non-Local Patient Transportation Benefit

·    Family Member Transportation     Benefit

·    Patient Lodging Benefit 

·    Family Member Lodging Benefit

Cancer Specific Treatment such as; chemotherapy, radiation, transfusion, surgical procedures, transplants and more.


I contract with multiple carriers for both stand alone Dental & Vision Plans

LIFE Insurance

There is nothing more important than family. Most people have car insurance, insurance to cover damage to their homes, and valuables, but none when it comes to their family. No one wants to think of passing away.  Leaving your affairs in order is the an excellent legacy.

Explore which Life Insurance policies fit your circumstance.  Whether it is Final Expense Insurance or a Term or Whole Life Policy, let's get you the peace of mind by taking care of your loved ones now.

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