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Need more understanding of Medicare and your options?  Attend an Online Meeting, In-Person Meeting or Book a Consultation.


Common Questions for New to Medicare recipients:
When do I need to enroll into Original Medicare Parts A & B?
When do I enroll into my Part B if I have employer insurance?
How do I avoid the Part B and Part D penalties?
Will my prescriptions be covered under Medicare Advantage or will i need a separate prescription drug plan?
What are my options after enrolling into Parts A & B?
What is MediGap?
What are Medicare Advantage Plans?
What will my out of pocket costs be?

Common scenerios faced for current Medicare recipients:
·    Medication costs not affordable
·    Recently moved to another county
·    Prescriptions are no longer covered
·    Doctors no longer take my plan
·    What is the Donut Hole?
·    Many more...

Assessing your current health needs, including doctors, and medications, will allow you and I to make the best decision for your health. 
Lets not forget about the financial factor in choosing your health plan.  Insurance is only as good as you can afford.  We will discuss your out of pocket costs which include:  premiums, deductibles, copays/coinsurance's.  We can also check to see if you qualify for assistance with prescription drugs (Extra Help with Prescriptions), Part B premium help(Medicare Savings Program), or our state's low income assistance program (Medicaid).
Upon completion of a needs analysis, choosing the right option will be more evident; whether that is choosing a Medigap & Stand-Alone Part D plan OR a Medicare Advantage Route (HMO's or PPO's).

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