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All You Need to Know

Apply for Original Medicare Parts A & B

Understanding Extra Help with Prescriptions

Apply for Extra Help with Prescriptions

Medicare Savings Program Explained & How to apply

Medicare Forms

ACA Income Limits 2022

Health Care Affordable Care Act Insurance-Apply for help with paying premiums at this link (you will need to enter my Agent NPN # in order for me to assist you in this process.  Call me to retrieve it. See Plans & Prices Link

National Council on Aging - a Senior Advocacy resource:

Here at, our goal is to help seniors and their caregivers learn more about information related to senior care and retirement. We do not charge a fee to access our website, nor do we plan on selling any products.

If you would like to research plans in your area

please click on the link below:

PURL Link click here

2023 IRMAA

To check and see when you should enroll into Part A & B, please click the link below which will take you to’s “when should I enroll into Medicare.”

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